About Us

Since 2000

Our church was established in the Columbus, Ohio area to share the teachings that have been brought forth through communication with the Spirit Teacher, White Lily, and the Teachers and Guides working with the White Lily Chapel in Ashley, Ohio.   

Living the Teachings

We are actively seeking to live the principles of true religion in our daily lives, knowing that the connecting link is ever open between our Creator and ourselves. With the understanding that fear is the root cause of all negativity, our heartfelt purpose is to assist seekers in eliminating fear. Our intention is to do this through the demonstration of evidence of eternal life and by working with teachers and guides in the Spirit World. By bringing alive and making use of the teachings and examples given to us by Jesus and other Spiritual Masters, we intend to advance the evolution of religious thought.  

We can help you

We are here to share the science, philosophy, and religion of eternal life. We are dedicated to bringing forth a philosophy of life based on the premise that we are eternal spirit beings on a path of spiritual growth.