Our Spirit Teacher White Lily

Who Is White Lily?

On October 15, 1949 in Ashley, Ohio, a spirit teacher named White Lily first spoke directly from the spirit world through the trance mediumship of Rev. Margaret Fling. White Lily continued to speak through Rev. Fling through the early 1970s bringing spiritual teachings to seekers throughout the central Ohio area.

In her last incarnation, White Lily was a native American Indian girl. She was about 20 years of age when she went into the spirit world, and she has been in the spirit world for many centuries. She is a highly developed teacher whose chosen purpose was to establish the foundation of the church, White Lily Chapel, through her teachings from the higher realms of spirit.

She is a loving teacher and we would like to share her with you through her lectures. Below you will find a selection of her lectures that will provide a full understanding of the beliefs upon which our church is founded.  

In addition, two collections of her teachings, Rays of Light and Rays of Love, have  been published and are available for $15 each.  Please contact us to purchase.